Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the structure and use of the Delaware Reentry Services Directory
Q: Why are categorys listed under each provider?
A: Often a provider delivers services that fall into more than one category. These codes indicate the categories of service offered by each provider. You may be interested in a provider that can meet your needs in more than one category.
Q: Why do we need a directory?
A: A directory is needed so that it can be utilized by any individual inquiring about reentry services. The directory serves as a collective resource tool.
Q: What is the Delaware Reentry Consortium?
A: The Delaware Reentry Consortium offers leadership and resources to agencies providing reentry services. We assist agencies that work with with those in prison and returning from prison to meet their basic needs and acquire life skills. It is our hope that these citizens and members will thrive and lead productive lives.
Q: What is the Vision of Delaware Reentry Consortium?
A:  A statewide reentry plan for a safer, more connected Delaware, where the human rights and needs of our incarcerated citizens are met, victims' rights are honored, taxpayer concerns are respectedm and the spiraling costs of ineffective incarcerations are reduced.